Carrie Mae Weems – Louisiana Project: A Tribute (Updated and Kickin’)

There’s a morality about this certain set of pictures, as if she is trying to personify the role of women from the old Victorian era.

The roles of men and women swapped, the treatment of African-American women manifested at the time as if normal and true.

Though I couldn’t find any actual articles of Carrie Mae Weems signifying what these pictures truly mean (It’s in the eye of the beholder), I get a sense of the distortion of truth through the image and by what men wear.

I Used to be a Zebra

I used to be a Zebra

Fancy clothes and nice posture only to be shrouded by the true face.

I guess what I see behind the face is the emotional distinction behind it all.


Carrie Mae Weems: Louisiana Project – A Tribute

From Louisiana to California. From an old Victorian age styles to contemporary style. From a large open studio to a cramped apartment room #5. I give you my 1 photo emulation of Carrie Mae Weems Louisiana Project (2003).