The Camera: Strikes Creativity or Terror?

I’ve heard stories from many different people, mostly among students and fellow acquaintance because this issue really doesn’t get into any sort of  attention on Yahoo’s (really horrific) news or Google, or any of the other places that has news but I don’t read. I just have the question: What is the camera mean to people today?

Now this all starts with an experience at a local mall which holds you Average Joe stores:  Hancock fabrics, Target, REI, Johnny Rockets, Sushi Boat, Pac Sun, Old Navy, Burlington, etc. It’s fairly small compared to other California malls which are crowded and noisy as heck. But let me tell you that we were pretty isolated at one spot next to Johnny Rockets and Sushi Boat and we had been immobile for 2 hours. Never have we ever gotten into any sort of trouble, we’ve gotten a few compliment because we tend to draw and just chit chat (one time this lady came up to us and handed me and my friend 12 dollar gift cards to Johnny Rockets and said ‘Remember that the Lord has a name and it’s Jesus Christ.’), but this time was different. This time I had a camera and I was doing homework. Which brings me to the question, Does the camera nowadays strike; creativity or terror?

Maybe it’s a simple answer to you the reader, but it would appear in the law enforcers have a different ideal or whatever the specifics are in protecting the public. The stories I’ve heard was that you can’t take pictures of a mall on the mall grounds or even from the street (period!). The one I experienced was in the mall (keep in mind immobile for 2 hours) a mall cop walked up to us (like a ghost) and asked that I stop taking pictures of my friend at this small table.
We asked ‘why?’ the mall cop replied ‘ever since 9/11 (don’t remember the rest) the terrorists usually take pictures of the structures.’
Now if I was mobile taking pictures of every last structure flaw then yeah, I probably wouldn’t have a problem but we were immobile. And to be honest do you think that a terrorist would carry around a big clunky camera where the shutter of the camera makes a loud crack? I won’t answer. But cameras are now on every phone imaginable and any normal person says bygones! Quiet, small, sneaky, and here I am showing no effort to hide the fact that I’m taking pictures for a project. The mall cop didn’t care why and really didn’t exert any more than that. Minutes later once I’ve stopped I curiously turn around to see him pacing and staring at us. We left, but after we left I wanted to ask the cop so bad if I was doing anything to invoke terror, the public people sitting down eating their meals, were they scared or having feelings of being terrorized?



I won’t say that I don’t look like a terrorist because Terror is a state of mind and has no face. I don’t know where the camera is going because of incidences like this, I’m sure, in fact I’m positive I’m not the only one who has been through this. I just want some sort of closure which I know I won’t get, I just don’t enjoy being treated like I’m going to open my jacket and cops will assume I’m packing TNT because of my camera. I also don’t want to be taking a picture sparking my creative genius and there’s the conformity brute who says that I can’t. When I know now that I can!

Is it the camera? Or is it the state of mind of most mall cops and police advocates? Is it just people in public?

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is Fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of Fear is of the Unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft. 

I woulda gone about things differently had I know that I have my rights to take pictures in a mall. Just a lesson learned to know your rights fellow photographers!


Contemplate and Refrain

Only a drive in the car does everything in the real world pause until you get back. It gives you time to cool off and let out steam. My last post I was absolutely insane and on the brink of rampage, and now I know that there has to be a line in which I draw. I try not to curse and I try not to get upset as easily which has made me a more patient person and a more respectable quiet person as well, but when the straw has been broken I usually need something to help me cope.

Usually I need to take that ride or else I’ll be pounding my hands into powder to be restrung with wire and brass. I’m smarter than that. There’s always some way around with dealing with the catalyst of your anger and I’ll try that with WordPress. The challenge has been accepted and I will be victorious!

We can all get frustrated at times and no amount of soft music or words will save us. Take my word, go out on a drive even if it’s just around the block or on a busy highway at night.


Stay positive my colleagues!

I Can Only be Pushed so Far Wordpress

This is me trying to figure out this f**king website. I don’t think anything in the entire world had frustrated me this much. Congratulations website, you have done what very few have managed to do, I am angry. You win, I hope your lunch time with Satan is pleasant.

And to think I have a project to publish on here. Which means I’ll have to come back.


Detachment (2011) directed by Tony Kaye and written by Carl Lund. Sometimes words can’t really describe something so simple as a movie, or at least I can’t find the words to describe what Detachment really means; to me anyway.

“A substitute teacher who drifts from classroom to classroom finds a connection to the students and teachers during his latest assignment.” – the summary on IMDB, which really doesn’t sum up what the movie really means.

It’s a movie composed of many different variables which revolve around growing up; the struggles, the scars, the negative side to everything that may happen to us. Take it through personal experience, you’ll probably know where I’m coming from. It’s almost a mirror image of the people I’ve seen and the people I know and myself, because we all get frustrated at life, the confusion we feel in our teenage years or even older because we don’t feel any guidance from anyone and we just want to belong. No matter how much we crave the guidance nobody can lend it to us and one of the strongest influences around are the teachers. It’s mostly teachers because parents are different people who as we all know can’t tell you what to do as where teachers show you interests they have (plus the amount of time we have with teachers). There’s a connection if you share common interests and that’s how we attach to them; even if we hate them or don’t care for them, they still leave an impact. Good or bad.

Adrien Brody plays a substitute teacher named Henry Barthes who doesn’t have a lot of time with the students of an under-appreciated school full of angsty teens and faculty who truly care about the future for the students and they won’t listen. He shows apathy and mental stability right away, yet it’s admirable because he can handle the students, disregarding his physical or mental well-being.  He has no goal to make an impact and as the students slowly connect with him the movie shows Henry’s scars and why the viewer should disconnect from him because of his own scars, yet I was drawn in more. They’re almost trying to tell me that he can’t be a hero, a hero has no flaws; but that’s never true. His courage; grace under pressure. It’s the hardest struggle that makes someone more admirable.

Although, I feel a bit like a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t admire any of my teachers in high school; cause I didn’t. They didn’t really give me any chances and gave the chances to people who didn’t really deserve it, which could be viewed as selfishness or normal. But teachers all over my internal-school-map make impacts on me, probably if not definitely shaping how I view certain things now and in the future. For instance, one of the most  influential teachers happened to be a substitute Art teacher my Senior year of high school; she gave me a chance by entering my charcoal pastel falcon (which I had worked so hard on and loved working on) into the District Art show…Did I win anything for it? Nope. But I’m still proud that I was given that opportunity one that will stick like a glue stick. I still question how in that short amount of time she was able to make a larger impact on me than the regular/main Art teacher. Cheers to you Ms. Byrd! (If the spelling is correct.)

One of my college English teacher’s said to the class during one of his lectures; “we’re all broken.” I would say the rest if I could remember the exact words. I’d like for the fullest impact if I ever quote anyone, word for word is the strength, which one day I’ll be able to remember and speak the rest, but for now bear with me. Because we’re socially inept and were raised from a family who were like glass in there days and passed it down. It’s a depressing thought, but it’s positive and reassuring once you’ve taken the journey within yourself to accept the flaws. Some people can’t, and it’s hard. It shows. Just stay with us for a bit longer.

It also shows in the movie as well, and many people who watch it don’t just see a movie that can be rated with stars. This is watching your own journey that you might not have realized you’ve had yet on a giant screen of introspective relation. It’s hard to accept, it truly is and sometimes it’s hard to place the pieces together.

~Until next time!

Oh, almost forgot; here’s the IMDB page on Detachment.


It’s hard to find the ‘first impression’ words without having to think about them. I’ll do the best I can in trying to divulge my goals and interests.

I’ll talk only for a moment in a direct and straight to the point manner; I have an armada of interests and opinions when it comes to Journalism as a category.

-Photography is almost a new found form of Art for me since apparently I’m good at it. Yet, photography is also one of the easiest form of Art, so I don’t limit myself to just photography. I’ll usually pick up a pencil and paper for the occasional portrait of a friend using just pencil and paper. However, I would like to also say that I also have an interest for the written word as well. Writing is just another way of creating, hence forth I do not want to be called an artist, but a creator.

-While I’m off in my own little world writing and creating, there is another world out there that I tend to ignore for various reasons. I don’t think much about politics and I think the media (being one entity) is just a catalyst for blowing things out of proportion. And yet it is omnipotent, but it is weaker than anything that I’ve seen. The media doesn’t catch what truly matters. Do I have a clear consensus of ‘what truly matters’ is? I’m not sure, but I think it’s something that should invoke strength or courage in the general public; not hate or pretension. Who gives a rats ass about celebrities? They are just people. It’s the image the media produces that makes it seem like it’s such a lost cause.

I believe we are being ruined, and I’m here to do my best at creating the key to unlock our emotions.