Bad Movie Night: A Tradition

How to prep for Bad Movie Nights:

1. Plan it with your friends: if they are up to the challenge, or if they want to practice Bulimia, or if you just wanna have a silly time.
2. Plan on a place: A friend’s apartment, house, anywhere with Netflix or access to streaming movies to a big screen.
3. Plan possible movies: Movies that you hear are really bad or go to Rotten Tomato, or IMDB to check on scores. IMDB even has a bottom 100 movies. Discuss that with your Bad Movie Night members.
4. Plan a Date: Anytime everyone is free after a certain hour. We do Tuesdays or Thursdays at around 8pm.
5. Plan on what food you’ll want to eat. In my Tradition I’ll cook up some Salmon with rice and corn, with a little bit of sparkling cider.

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I remember the horrible duck puns, the cranky, sadistic duck who acted as if his tail feathers had been shoved up his butt as a magical portal whisped him off the Lucasfilm duck parody planet. For no reason mind you and he ended up in a little in an obscure town of Cleveland.  Bad Movie Night, is a time to watch awful movies, have a few laughs with your friends or family members, and if the movie is atrocious, then you can share the memories of what it is like to be preferred to be drinking molten lava, or excessively punched in the stomach.

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For my Bad Movie Night friends and I, Howard the Duck is undoubtedly and the single omnipotent worst movie ever. Of course we’ve watched other bad movies but they only ever were just so bad they were mediocre. But Howard the Duck will live in infamy in my heart, I remember it all too well. We didn’t know what to expect but it had Tim Robbins from the Shawshank Redeption and Lea Thompson from Back to the Future, and a bad score on IMDB. Yet, we hadn’t originally heard anything about it, we just happened to stumble upon it by sheer fate and we found that it would devastate our eyeballs and make us cringe, even to this day.

We quickly caught on that this movie might be special, in the way wanted it off but we had to know what came next! That’s the mystery that Bad Movie Night brings, until it pushes you too far. Howard was dropped to Earth from the phenomenon of an inexplicable act of universal proportions. There he runs around like a frightened chicken! And he winds up at a bar saving the life of Lea Thompson with his…sigh…Quackfu. He wins against these “punk” guys and wins an apartment invitation with Lea’s character. Shortly after he tells Lea’s band manager to take a hike and beats him up. Next Howard out of the blue wants to know how he got to Earth and whines and complains and hisses) fits at children in public. That’s where Tim Robbins comes in, a scientist obsessed with the universe, well, obsesses with Howard. Because he’s a duck…alien…thing. Had it not been for Tim Robbins’ performance, the character wouldn’t be as enjoyable to watch. Now we’re 45 minutes in and there is absolutely NO plot or conflict whatsoever. And we get to the point where Lea’s character is about to do the nasty with Howard because of…wait wait wait, no. A duck and a human?! I’M DONE! WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS MY LIFE?! YOU GOTTA DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE DUDE! YOU GOTTA MAKE A STATEMENT! YOU GOTTA ASK YOURSELF “WHAT AM I WILLING TO PUT UP WITH TODAY?” NOT THIS!


And so before that could fill our screen, my friend rose from the couch holding eyes and ran out of the apartment, my other friend threw his hat on the ground and we soon followed, turning off the TV and leaving to go to Safeway for comfort food. On the way back I asked my friend if he wanted to spend the night at the park across the street because I didn’t want to go back. This movie made me want to run away from my life completely and no other movie has ever achieved that.


And so, I ask you the reader; what is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? In fact, make a top ‘worst movies I’ve ever seen’ list and leave it in the comments section. Horrible movies are an experience and we all share the pain of horrible movies.

My Top Worst Movies Ever:
1. Howard the Duck (1986)
2. Mac and Me (1988)
3. Gigli (2003)
4. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)
5. LOL (2012)
6. Troll 2 (1990)
7. Glitter (2001)
8. Cool as Ice (1991)
9. Little Monsters (1989)
10. Judge Dredd (1995)
11. Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo (1984)
12. Leonard Part 6 (1987)
13. Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer (2011)


Carrie Mae Weems – Louisiana Project: A Tribute (Updated and Kickin’)

There’s a morality about this certain set of pictures, as if she is trying to personify the role of women from the old Victorian era.

The roles of men and women swapped, the treatment of African-American women manifested at the time as if normal and true.

Though I couldn’t find any actual articles of Carrie Mae Weems signifying what these pictures truly mean (It’s in the eye of the beholder), I get a sense of the distortion of truth through the image and by what men wear.

I Used to be a Zebra

I used to be a Zebra

Fancy clothes and nice posture only to be shrouded by the true face.

I guess what I see behind the face is the emotional distinction behind it all.

The Camera: Strikes Creativity or Terror?

I’ve heard stories from many different people, mostly among students and fellow acquaintance because this issue really doesn’t get into any sort of  attention on Yahoo’s (really horrific) news or Google, or any of the other places that has news but I don’t read. I just have the question: What is the camera mean to people today?

Now this all starts with an experience at a local mall which holds you Average Joe stores:  Hancock fabrics, Target, REI, Johnny Rockets, Sushi Boat, Pac Sun, Old Navy, Burlington, etc. It’s fairly small compared to other California malls which are crowded and noisy as heck. But let me tell you that we were pretty isolated at one spot next to Johnny Rockets and Sushi Boat and we had been immobile for 2 hours. Never have we ever gotten into any sort of trouble, we’ve gotten a few compliment because we tend to draw and just chit chat (one time this lady came up to us and handed me and my friend 12 dollar gift cards to Johnny Rockets and said ‘Remember that the Lord has a name and it’s Jesus Christ.’), but this time was different. This time I had a camera and I was doing homework. Which brings me to the question, Does the camera nowadays strike; creativity or terror?

Maybe it’s a simple answer to you the reader, but it would appear in the law enforcers have a different ideal or whatever the specifics are in protecting the public. The stories I’ve heard was that you can’t take pictures of a mall on the mall grounds or even from the street (period!). The one I experienced was in the mall (keep in mind immobile for 2 hours) a mall cop walked up to us (like a ghost) and asked that I stop taking pictures of my friend at this small table.
We asked ‘why?’ the mall cop replied ‘ever since 9/11 (don’t remember the rest) the terrorists usually take pictures of the structures.’
Now if I was mobile taking pictures of every last structure flaw then yeah, I probably wouldn’t have a problem but we were immobile. And to be honest do you think that a terrorist would carry around a big clunky camera where the shutter of the camera makes a loud crack? I won’t answer. But cameras are now on every phone imaginable and any normal person says bygones! Quiet, small, sneaky, and here I am showing no effort to hide the fact that I’m taking pictures for a project. The mall cop didn’t care why and really didn’t exert any more than that. Minutes later once I’ve stopped I curiously turn around to see him pacing and staring at us. We left, but after we left I wanted to ask the cop so bad if I was doing anything to invoke terror, the public people sitting down eating their meals, were they scared or having feelings of being terrorized?



I won’t say that I don’t look like a terrorist because Terror is a state of mind and has no face. I don’t know where the camera is going because of incidences like this, I’m sure, in fact I’m positive I’m not the only one who has been through this. I just want some sort of closure which I know I won’t get, I just don’t enjoy being treated like I’m going to open my jacket and cops will assume I’m packing TNT because of my camera. I also don’t want to be taking a picture sparking my creative genius and there’s the conformity brute who says that I can’t. When I know now that I can!

Is it the camera? Or is it the state of mind of most mall cops and police advocates? Is it just people in public?

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is Fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of Fear is of the Unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft. 

I woulda gone about things differently had I know that I have my rights to take pictures in a mall. Just a lesson learned to know your rights fellow photographers!

A Shadow in Art

This is Paul. He is a full time student, has a part time job and wants to be a graphic novelist. This is no unattainable goal, yet it’s no easy road.

I would like to tell you from personal experience that being a creator that has no visuals only the written word is really hard to make my work palatable to anyone. There’s multiple reasons too; no one has the patience or the time to read a full length novel, or won’t take my work seriously, or because I’m not credible yet. Whatever the reason be, it’s frustrating and makes it all the more infuriating because writing stories is what my dream is. My friend Paul shares a similar passion only he executes his stories through visuals. The basis of this post is to tell you that you should follow your dream and if there is a struggle with everyday life then don’t forget to jump the hurdle. I would’ve liked to have found a quote to end this paragraph so instead I’ll improvise! You may question yourself whenever you can, at your most beautiful or even at your most degraded but just remember what Ernest Hemingway said; “Courage is grace under pressure.” By the end of it, I’m sure the struggle will be worth it.

Let me just start off by saying that Paul is a very busy man. Trying to meet up with him works like a doctors office, you need to make an appointment to see the doctor. With Paul you have to plan dates ahead and confirm them by showing up.

Paul’s graphic novel that he is currently in pursuit of finishing is called Bananattack. To the right is Banana’s character done with G-pen and copic markers. On the left is a rough sketch of a panel from Bananattack.

Inks, G-pens, erasers and nibs are the tools or materials for Paul to use. He prefers to make his art and comic looking spiffy.

Shuffling through papers and traveling through past mistakes and/or imperfections.

Bob Atomic

I was unable to visit him in his artistic environment, aka his room. He tells me that artists are messy and that his room shows clutter.

Instead we settled for where we usually chat and work on art. He did what he usually does at a public table in the local mall.

FUN FACT: Banana’s have potassium.


Paul was in the zone, his zone. He concentrated…

His concentration had him turning the paper as he cross-hatched the chin and inked over the rough sketch of his creation.

He began to ink with his copic markers, and as he got to the skin color; we were stopped and I was asked to stop taking pictures by a mall cop.

So we moved across the street outside on a stone table and benches.

His mojo had been disrupted and he had been going slower. His process was practically killed. When you take it into consideration that at anytime this happens his progress gets dented.

Disruption has no face and could happen at anytime.

But y’ can’t let distress slow you down. Paul kept going.

And this is where Paul works; the Euphrat Museum at De Anza College.

This Friday at De Anza Euphrat Museum, Joseph Rodriguez is holding his first solo art show.

“How Reality Died Today.” You should drop by on Friday or look up the event on Facebook:

Of course, do you think it was a walk in the park for him? No, no it wasn’t. He’s been working on his graphic novel for nearly 2 years; spending time building his fan base online, taking time away to go to De Anza College, getting a job which he told me that all the life savings and pay checks were spent getting materials to make Bananattack. Even after all that, I dropped in on him at a convention in downtown San Jose taking place in the convention center in the last weekend of May. There he sold his one shot at his booth; he sold about 30 copies out of 100 he paid to print, losing money and leaving him with nervous social awkward people to gaze and shutter.

Though following this path he has gained a lot of interest on the forum he posts at.

Paul has the highest viewed one shot on the forum. If you don’t believe me:

If there’s anything in your life that you are passionate about pursue that dream and achieve what you thought to be impossible. Just give it time and hard work and it should be worth the struggle, it only makes you strong.

~Stay strong my friends and set your goal to the be the center stage and build around that.


Visit Joseph’s Gallery:

Bananattack forum thread:

Help support Paul and Bananattack:

And Here’s my book’s Facebook:

Contemplate and Refrain

Only a drive in the car does everything in the real world pause until you get back. It gives you time to cool off and let out steam. My last post I was absolutely insane and on the brink of rampage, and now I know that there has to be a line in which I draw. I try not to curse and I try not to get upset as easily which has made me a more patient person and a more respectable quiet person as well, but when the straw has been broken I usually need something to help me cope.

Usually I need to take that ride or else I’ll be pounding my hands into powder to be restrung with wire and brass. I’m smarter than that. There’s always some way around with dealing with the catalyst of your anger and I’ll try that with WordPress. The challenge has been accepted and I will be victorious!

We can all get frustrated at times and no amount of soft music or words will save us. Take my word, go out on a drive even if it’s just around the block or on a busy highway at night.


Stay positive my colleagues!