Contemplate and Refrain

Only a drive in the car does everything in the real world pause until you get back. It gives you time to cool off and let out steam. My last post I was absolutely insane and on the brink of rampage, and now I know that there has to be a line in which I draw. I try not to curse and I try not to get upset as easily which has made me a more patient person and a more respectable quiet person as well, but when the straw has been broken I usually need something to help me cope.

Usually I need to take that ride or else I’ll be pounding my hands into powder to be restrung with wire and brass. I’m smarter than that. There’s always some way around with dealing with the catalyst of your anger and I’ll try that with WordPress. The challenge has been accepted and I will be victorious!

We can all get frustrated at times and no amount of soft music or words will save us. Take my word, go out on a drive even if it’s just around the block or on a busy highway at night.


Stay positive my colleagues!


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