It’s hard to find the ‘first impression’ words without having to think about them. I’ll do the best I can in trying to divulge my goals and interests.

I’ll talk only for a moment in a direct and straight to the point manner; I have an armada of interests and opinions when it comes to Journalism as a category.

-Photography is almost a new found form of Art for me since apparently I’m good at it. Yet, photography is also one of the easiest form of Art, so I don’t limit myself to just photography. I’ll usually pick up a pencil and paper for the occasional portrait of a friend using just pencil and paper. However, I would like to also say that I also have an interest for the written word as well. Writing is just another way of creating, hence forth I do not want to be called an artist, but a creator.

-While I’m off in my own little world writing and creating, there is another world out there that I tend to ignore for various reasons. I don’t think much about politics and I think the media (being one entity) is just a catalyst for blowing things out of proportion. And yet it is omnipotent, but it is weaker than anything that I’ve seen. The media doesn’t catch what truly matters. Do I have a clear consensus of ‘what truly matters’ is? I’m not sure, but I think it’s something that should invoke strength or courage in the general public; not hate or pretension. Who gives a rats ass about celebrities? They are just people. It’s the image the media produces that makes it seem like it’s such a lost cause.

I believe we are being ruined, and I’m here to do my best at creating the key to unlock our emotions.


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